Jenna Bobetich

About Jenna

Jenna is known for her gentle touch as well as her creativity, she has been grooming every dog breed type and cats for the last 10 years.

Want a bath, a trim or a cut to breed standard? She can do that, or she can give your dog a mohawk with a splash of color, or holiday themed painted toed nails if that’s what you’re looking for. From traditional to outrageous, Puppy Cuts By Jenna can do it all.

Our primary service is to provide gentle and loving care while providing quality grooming of pets. The uniqueness of the product is in the upscale nature of Puppy Cuts By Jenna to mimic that of a luxury beauty salon for your beloved pets, that comes right to your doorstep.  The consumer who chooses our services is interested in providing their pet’s distinctive care in a positive environment that is pleasant to the pet and appealing to the Pet Owner. We will also provide for our customers unique products and healthy pet treats as an added doorstep bonus.  Every one deserves a good treat after a wonderful grooming experiance.